As one of the most promising fields today, supply chain management offers a rewarding career path for master’s students. Top UK universities provide high-quality graduate programs designed to equip students with the skills to excel in this rapidly growing industry. These intensive one-year courses delve into everything from logistics to procurement and operations management. Although tuition averages around £40,500, graduates can expect ample employment opportunities with attractive salaries – potentially ranging from £61,200 to £211,000 annually. By checking rankings to find the premier supply chain management programs, prospective students take the first step toward securing a prosperous future in this expanding sector. 

Eligibility Criteria - Top Master’s in supply chain colleges in the UK

Typical admission requirements include: 

  • A first-class or upper-second-class undergraduate degree, usually requiring minimum marks of 60% 
  • Relevant professional work experience in related fields 
  • Proof of English proficiency through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL 
  • Strong letters of recommendation highlighting both academic and professional competencies 
  • A compelling Statement of Purpose emphasizing alignment with the program and aspirations.
  • Optional GMAT test scores demonstrating quantitative skillset

Some popular specialisations Masters in Supply chain management in UK:

  • SCM courses 
  • MSc Logistics and SCM with Work Placement 
  • MSc Supply Chain Management 
  • MSc Operations, Project and Supply Chain Management 
  • MS Global Operations and Supply Chain Management 
  • MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Top Universities for Master’s in supply chain in the UK

Here is a list of top universities in UK for masters in supply chain management:

Manchester (Alliance):

The University of Manchester’s acclaimed master’s in supply chain management condenses industry-leading education into an intensive one-year program. By honing expertise across globally integrated production, logistics, and delivery systems, students drive optimization and innovation for organizations worldwide. From the latest technologies facilitating transparency to streamlining complex cross-border networks, the curriculum readies graduates to improve operations and catalyze growth. As a top UK public research university, Manchester enables students to maximize leadership potential, guiding the supply chains that will shape the future of business in today’s dynamic global trade environments. 

QS World Ranking 2022  28 
Popular Programs  MSc Operations, Project & Supply Chain Management 
Program Duration  1 year 
Average Fees Per Year  23,000 GBP (2,198,860 INR) 


Cranfield University:

Cranfield, a leading UK postgraduate research university, offers an elite master’s sharpening expertise across logistics, supply chains, and emerging technology. Their intensive one-year MSc empowers graduates to optimize global networks and drive innovation, preparing strategic leaders to advance the field shaping modern business.

QS World Ranking   QS Rank 7 
Popular Programs  MSc in Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
Program Duration  1 year 
Average Fees Per Year  24,500 GBP (2,343,044 INR) 


University of Southampton: 

The University of Southampton offers an innovative Master’s in Supply Chain Management to develop advanced analytics and management expertise. Through an intensive one-year program including a 3-month industry placement focused on real-world challenges, students gain strategic and technical skills to optimize end-to-end flows of goods, finances, and data globally.

QS World Ranking 2022  78 
Popular Programs  MSc in Supply Chain Management and Logistics 
Program Duration  1 year 
Average Fees Per Year  24,060 GBP (2,301,245 INR) 


Durham University: 

Established by royal charter in 1832, Durham University’s one-year MSc integrates academic rigor with interdisciplinary perspectives to equip students to optimize modern supply chains. Through problem-based learning and industry partnerships, graduates gain advanced and practical skills to manage complex global networks spanning production, delivery, and business strategy. 

QS World Ranking 2022  92 
Popular Programs  Master of Supply Chain Management 
Program Duration  1 year 
Average Fees Per Year  25,500 GBP (2,438,679 INR) 


University of Sheffield: 

The University of Sheffield offers a dynamic Master’s program preparing graduates to strategically manage complex global supply chains. Drawing on leading research and strong industry partnerships, students develop advanced theoretical and technical expertise to critically analyze and optimize end-to-end networks central to modern business. 

QS World Ranking 2022  96 
Popular Programs  MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
Program Duration  1 year 
Average Fees Per Year  24,950 GBP (2,386,080 INR) 


Hence, all the top-tier universities mentioned above are worth exploring to pursue a master’s in supply chain management in the UK. After you know all the required information on MSC supply chain management in UK universities, finding the best university is a relatively easy process. For more information on the universities, courses, scholarships or career opportunities in the UK, consult our Admission Scholars Experts.