With renowned universities, affordable tuition, and post-study work visas, Ireland is an ideal destination for international students seeking a high-quality, career-focused Master’s degree. Beyond the classroom, Ireland’s idyllic landscapes, youthful cities, and famously warm culture make for an unforgettable student experience. Studying in Ireland enables you to launch your career in Europe’s fastest growing economy. Master’s programs concentrate on honing practical skills and cultivating an entrepreneurial, creative mindset. Ireland’s technology sector is booming, and degrees in STEM fields provide access to this and other innovative industries. But programs in business, humanities, and social sciences are also globally recognized. Whether you want to boost your employability or pursue research, a Master’s from Ireland will distinguish you as a thoughtful, skilled, and adaptable graduate. 

Why Pursue Post Graduation in Ireland?

Is it worth doing Post Graduation in Ireland?  

Besides the added bonus of European lifestyle, there are many advantages of pursuing masters in Ireland for International Students. Let’s find out why studying Post Graduation in Ireland is a great choice: 

Renowned Universities: Ireland has highly ranked, globally recognized universities that offer affordable, career-focused Master’s degrees.

Hub for Multinationals: As a low corporate tax base, Ireland is a hub for multinational companies, creating abundant job opportunities. 

Post-Study Work Visas: Graduates can access a 2-year stay back option, giving ample time to find employment after completing their degree. 

Blue Card Residence: Students are entitled to the Blue Card residence permit, granting benefits on par with EU citizens. 

Booming Economy: Ireland has one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies, with expanding career possibilities. 

English-Speaking: International students can easily adjust to studying and living in Ireland’s predominantly English-speaking culture. 

Eligibility criteria

Applicants need a Bachelor’s degree in a related field with a minimum 3.0 GPA. They also require a minimum of 60% in Standard XII exams. Ireland accepts students with diverse academic backgrounds who meet these core requirements. 

Documents Required

  1. Academic Transcripts of Standard X, XII, and the bachelor’s degree. 
  2. TOEFL or IELTS scores 
  3. Two letters of recommendation (LOR) from the employer/manager who can comment on your professional abilities in case of candidates having work experience. 
  4. Statement of Purpose (SOP) 
  5. Resume/CV 
  6. Certificates/achievements of extracurricular activities 
  7. Proof of funds to study 
  8. Health Insurance 
  9. Passport photocopy

Cost of Studying in Ireland

The annual cost of a postgraduate degree in Ireland ranges from €9,000-34,000 (₹7-30 lakhs approx.), with MBA programs on the pricier end at €20,000-35,000 (₹17-31 lakhs) per year. Overall, Ireland offers world-class graduate education at an affordable price for international students. 

Top Post Graduation Colleges in Ireland

University  QS World University Rankings 2023 
Trinity College Dublin  101 
University College Dublin  173 
National University of Ireland Galway  258 
Griffith College  290 
University College Cork  298 
Dublin City University  490 
University of Limerick  501 
Maynooth University  751 
Technological University Dublin  801 

Conclusion :

Graduates are eligible for a 2-year post-study work visa in Ireland. An Irish masters provides a strong foundation for PhD programs, and the globally recognized degrees offer long-term career benefits.  

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