At the intellectual frontier of research and technologies, Harvard University- with its 400-year history- has solidified its name as the most prestigious and sought-after college in the USA and is one of the top private universities in Cambridge, United States. Ranked 5 in the QS World University Rankings- the oldest school of higher learning in the country, Harvard is widely considered a top university not just in the US but also in the rest of the globe due to its stature, reputation, and intellectual heritage.  

The university offers admissions in 4 intakes- fall, winter, spring, and summer. Harvard has three campus locations- Cambridge, Allston, and Boston. One of the prestigious Ivy League colleges, the term is typically used beyond the sports context to refer to the eight schools as a group of elite colleges with connotations of academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and social elitism.  


  • With over 30k students enrolled, the undergrad population makes up 5.7k of the population. 
  • The male-to-female gender ratio is 49:51. 
  • The ethnic breakdown of the undergrad population saw white people leading, followed by Asians. 

The profile of the admitted Class of 2026 is as follows- 

  • 61k students applied to Harvard University. 
  • The admit rate was 3.24% (1984 students) 
  • International students make up 14.8% of the enrollments. 
  • The intended fields for each discipline are as follows- 

Harvard College Tuition RatesAcademic Year 2023-24
Tuition$54,269 (44.7L INR)
Health Services$1,408 (1.2L INR)
Housing Rate$12,424 (10.3L INR)
Student Services$3,399 (2.8L INR)
Student Activities Fee$200 (16.5L INR)
Food Rate$7,950 (6.55L INR)
Total$79,450 (65.5L INR)

  • Whether a student attends high school within the United States or abroad, the application criteria are the same for all applicants.  
  • The Coalition Application or the Common Application, as well as the necessary supplements, must be submitted by all first-year applicants.  
  • The application requires Secondary School Exam reports as well as teacher evaluations by 2 teachers. 
  • A fee is also applicable. 
  • The strongest applicants take the most rigorous secondary school curricula available to them.  
  • An ideal four-year preparatory program includes four years of English, with extensive practice in writing; four years of math; four years of science: biology, chemistry, physics, and an advanced course in one of these subjects; three years of history, including American and European history; and four years of one foreign language.  
  • For the College Classes of 2027-2030, students may apply for admission without standardized test scores.  
  • If you choose to submit standardized tests, you may submit the SAT or ACT (with or without the writing component). 
  • There are no cutoff marks, and the highest composite score is taken into consideration. 
  • While English language understanding is essential, no standardized test scores are required for the same. 
  • Interviews may or may not take place. 
  • Students at Harvard University can get career assistance from the Office of Student Career Development.  
  • The majority of Harvard Business School grads land jobs at Apple, Google, and Facebook. Additionally, companies like Morgan Stanley, Bain & Company, McKinsey, IBM, and Morgan Stanley are among those that hire Harvard grads.  
  • Every year, the institute hosts highly beneficial career fairs for students at various levels. 
  • It can be challenging to choose between Harvard and MIT when they are compared, however, Harvard marginally outperforms MIT in several areas. This oldest higher education school in the US claims to only house the intellectually upper class and has succeeded in building and maintaining a global brand reputation. 


  • The most popular career choices among seniors are in the consulting, finance, and technology sectors, and nearly half of survey respondents indicated they will be residing in Massachusetts or New York 
  • 23 percent of respondents will begin consulting jobs, 18 percent finance jobs, and 17 percent technology jobs. 
  • Sixty-seven percent of seniors planned to join the workforce in their first year out of college. 
  • Fifteen percent said they plan to enroll in a graduate or professional school, with roughly 
  • 7 percent preparing to participate in some kind of fellowship. 
  • Beyond the big three sectors, 9 percent will pursue academia or research, 6 percent engineering, 6 percent health, 4 percent arts and entertainment, 4 percent public service, and 3 percent government or politics. 
  • There are generally two visa categories for studying in the United States: the F-1 student visa and the J-1 student visa. Most admitted full-time international students to Harvard University are eligible for the F-1 visa. Only some students are eligible for the J-1 student visa.  Students are only eligible for the J-1 student visa: 
    • If at least 50% of the tuition funding comes from a government agency, official scholarship or an employer (student personal loans,  do not qualify) 
    • If the student’s government requires that they use the J-1 visa based on receiving a government scholarship 
    • If the student’s visa is sponsored by an agency such as Fulbright, USAID, or AMIDEAST. 


    • Once you accept an offer of admission into a full-time Harvard program, the admissions or financial aid office at the school requests documentation from you regarding your financial ability to study in the U.S. 
    • Once the financial certification is complete, the school’s admissions or financial aid office enters your information into a database shared with the HIO.  
    • HIO issues  F and J student visa documents, i.e. Form I-20 or DS-2019. This can take up to 10 days. 
    • All students must pay the I-901 SEVIS fee. 
    • The DS-160 is an online visa application form that you must complete before applying for an F-1 or J-1 student visa at a U.S. consulate or embassy outside the U.S. 
    • You must then apply for an interview to get the F or J visa. 
    • During your visa appointment, you will have a brief interview.