Pursue law in Australia, which has seen 9% growth in international students, reflects a vibrant education landscape. Beyond fresh air and blue skies, discover a world-class system that nurtures aspiring legal minds. Explore our curated list of top universities to pursue a prestigious law degree in the heart of Australia.

Why study in Australia?

Ranked 3rd globally for law studies, boasting a multitude of course options and 22 universities offering law programs. Four esteemed institutions rank among the top 50 worldwide, attracting over 400,000 international student applications annually. Immerse yourself in a dynamic curriculum that encompasses internships, on-campus placements, and exchange programs spanning the UK and Asia-Pacific. Unlock your potential as an aspiring law student in this thriving educational environment.

Top universities to study law in Australia

University of Melbourne 

Boundless opportunities with the Melbourne JD degree, the gateway to legal practice across Australia’s diverse jurisdictions, with global recognition. Elevate your journey with the prestigious Melbourne Law Masters or immerse yourself in cutting-edge graduate research. 

Engage beyond the classroom through vibrant public initiatives, from conferences and lectures to workshops that foster community connections, like the pioneering Centre for AI and Digital Ethics Summer Research Academy. 

Join a network spanning over 20,000 alumni across 90 nations, including esteemed luminaries Alfred Deakin, Harold Holt, Julia Gillard, Robert Menzies, and revered legal minds Sir Ninian Stephen, Sir Zelman Cowen, and Sir Owen Dixon – Australia’s preeminent jurist. Embrace a transformative education that nurtures leaders and redefines the landscape of law. 

The programs include- 

  1. Melbourne Juris Doctor 
  2. Masters of Law 
  3. Graduate Diploma 
  4. Master of Philosophy- Law (MPhil) 
  5. Doctor of Philosophy – Law (Ph.D.)

Australian National University (ANU) 

Since its inception in 1960, the ANU College of Law has inspired generations of students to pursue their legal aspirations within its esteemed halls. Delving into cutting-edge research domains including administrative, constitutional, international, environmental, and regulatory law, the College fosters groundbreaking insights through its five dedicated research centers. 

Committed to fostering public engagement, the College hosts an array of stimulating events, including the annual Phillipa Weeks Lecture on Labour Law, honoring the late esteemed ANU Professor Philippa Weeks. Moreover, the esteemed National Law Reform Conference draws Australia’s finest policy experts, legal practitioners, and researchers, fostering discourse on crucial areas of law that demand transformation. 

Embrace a dynamic legal education that transcends boundaries and shapes the future of jurisprudence at the ANU College of Law. 

The programs include- 

  1. Bachelors of Law(Honours) 
  2. Graduate Certificate 
  3. Graduate Diploma 
  4. Juris Doctor 
  5. Masters of Law 
  6. Masters of Philosophy- Law (MPhil) 
  7. Doctor of Philosophy – Law (Ph.D.)

University Of New South Wales (UNSW) 

UNSW Law, which boasts an expansive academic exchange program encompassing over 80 law schools across 40 nations – one of Australia’s most extensive student exchange initiatives. Embark on a transformative journey during the fourth or fifth year of your undergraduate degree, studying abroad for one, two, or three terms. 

Delve into cutting-edge research domains including human rights, international finance, technology and law, environmental protection, contracts, and Indigenous peoples’ justice. Explore these fields through the lens of the faculty’s ten research centers and institutes, including the pioneering Allens Hub for Technology, Law, and Innovation and the Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law. 

Embrace a truly global legal education that pushes boundaries and fosters holistic perspectives at UNSW Law. 

The programs include- 

  1. Bachelor of Law 
  2. UNSW Juris Doctor 
  3. Practical Legal Training 
  4. Masters of Law 
  5. Masters of Law by Research 
  6. Masters of Philosophy- Law (MPhil) 
  7. Doctor of Philosophy- Law (Ph.D.)

University of Sydney 

University of Sydney has been at the forefront of academic excellence, with law, arts, and medicine among the pioneering disciplines taught within its hallowed halls. 

Committed to preparing students for the real world, the institution has innovated Industry and Community Project Units, enabling students to collaborate with industry partners and tackle authentic legal challenges. Furthering this immersive approach, the law school has established two legal clinics – the Public Interest Law Clinic and the Law and Social Justice Clinic. These dynamic platforms allow students to apply their academic knowledge to real-life problem-solving, fostering a holistic understanding of the legal profession. 

Embrace a legacy of excellence and a future-focused legal education at the University of Sydney, where theory and practice converge to nurture well-rounded legal minds. 

The programs include- 

  1. Bachelor of Law 
  2. Juris Doctor 
  3. Masters of Law 
  4. Masters of Law(Research) 
  5. Graduate Diploma 
  6. Doctor of Philosophy – Law (Ph.D.)

Monash University


Established in 1963, Monash Law School has solidified its reputation as a bastion of legal excellence. Undergraduate students are empowered to customize their academic journey by selecting electives that align with their passions, delving into niche areas such as animal law, media law, and negotiation & conflict resolution.

Beyond the classroom, Monash offers an immersive clinical legal experience, enabling students to apply their knowledge in real-life scenarios. The Monash University Law Review, the faculty’s premier academic journal, is a testament to the institution’s commitment to scholarly discourse, with students at the helm and faculty mentors providing guidance.

Monash’s global reach extends beyond its Australian campuses to an international campus in Malaysia, fostering a diverse legal community that transcends borders. Embrace a dynamic legal education that nurtures your unique interests and prepares you for success in the ever-evolving legal landscape.
The programs include-

  1. Bachelor of Law (Honours) 
  2. Bachelor of Law (Dual Degree) 
  3. Graduate Certificate 
  4. Graduate Diploma 
  5. Masters of Law 
  6. Master of Philosophy- Law (MPhil) 
  7. Doctor of Philosophy – Law (Ph.D.)


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