The IELTS exam is a top requirement for international students seeking Canadian study permits. By assessing English proficiency across reading, writing, listening and speaking, it helps demonstrate language abilities to Canadian immigration and universities. Achieving the minimum IELTS band score for your desired program unlocks study abroad in Canada’s world-class education system. 

Full-Form  International English Language Testing System. 
Administered by  British Council and IDP 
Duration  2 hours 45 minutes 
Modules  4: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking  
Fee  INR 16,250 
Popular Countries  The UK, the USA, Canada, Australia 


Average IELTS Score for Graduate Courses

Achieving the right IELTS score is key for admission into graduate programs globally. Each university and degree has specific minimum requirements, so research thoroughly. Scoring above minimums can strengthen applications, especially for competitive majors. High IELTS bands open access to more scholarships and demonstrate advanced English proficiency for rigorous graduate academics.

Course  Minimum IELTS Score 
Master of Architecture  6.5-7 
Master of Computer Science  6.5 
Master of Education (in Psychology)   7 
MBA  6.5-7 
Master of Arts  6.5-7 
Master of Engineering  6.5 


Average IELTS Score for Top 7 Universities

With top-ranked universities across diverse degree fields, Canada is a premier global study destination. Over 1.8 million international students choose Canada annually for its welcoming campus cultures, world-class faculty, cutting-edge research, and focus on student success. From business to arts, Canada’s education system fosters excellence. Its quality programs consistently produce skilled, innovative graduates.

Name of the College or University  Overall IELTS Score for Canada 
University of Toronto  6.5 (6 in each module) 
University of Alberta  6.5 (6 in each module) 
University of British Columbia  6.5 (6 in each module) 
McMaster University  6.5 (6 in each module) 
McGill University  6.5 (6 in each module) 
University of Calgary  6.5 (6 in each module) 
University of Ottawa  6.5 (6.5 in writing) 


A strong IELTS score is crucial for studying in Canada – it shows English proficiency for visas and university admission. Guidance from tutors, mock exams, and confidence during the test can raise your score. Leap Scholar offers customised IELTS prep through study materials, online classes, mock tests, doubt-solving, and small batches. With our Elite Course, master exam skills and aim higher on IELTS.  

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