With world-class universities and an affordable cost of living, Australia has emerged as a top study destination for international students in recent years. For those interested in public relations, the country offers exceptional academic programs to hone your communication and strategic skills. 

In Australian public relations courses, you’ll learn how to shape narratives, connect with diverse audiences, and manage an organization’s image. Through a mix of theory and hands-on projects, these programs provide a well-rounded education in PR and strategic communications. You’ll gain experience pitching stories, arranging events, managing crises, and more. 

Beyond the classroom, Australia provides boundless opportunities to network and launch your career. With a vibrant multicultural society and thriving business sectors, it’s an ideal place to jumpstart your path in public relations. So if you aspire to be an influential communications professional, consider an Australian education in PR. 

Top PR Courses & Universities in Australia

Here are the top PR courses and universities in Australia.

University  Course  Average Annual Tuition Fees (in AUD) 
Australian National University  Master of International Relations  49,330 AUD 
University of Queensland  Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations  27,748 AUD 
University of New South Wales  Master of Public Relations & Advertising  27,360 AUD 
RMIT University  Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)  36,480 AUD 
Deakin University  Graduate Diploma of Public Relations  23,600 AUD 
Curtin University  BCom in Public Relations  30,076 AUD 
Griffith University  Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Communication, and Public Relations  12,500 AUD 
University of Newcastle  Public Relations Major  34,430 AUD 
University of Adelaide  Master of Media (Strategic Communication)  40,000 AUD 

Subjects Covered In Public Relations (PR) Courses:

In public relations degrees, students develop diverse skills for managing perceptions and engaging audiences. Core courses provide well-rounded training in communications strategy: 

  1. Media Writing  
  2. Media Relations 
  3. Public Opinion and Propaganda 
  4. Communication Laws and Ethics 
  5. Introduction to Public Relations 
  6. Advanced Public Relations 
  7. Crisis Management


With top universities and real-world training, Australia offers unrivalled education for aspiring public relations professionals. Graduates gain strategic abilities in branding, messaging, crisis response, and stakeholder engagement. For globally-ready PR skills at an affordable cost, Australia is the premier study destination. 

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