Indian students keen on a Master’s in Management in Australia may find taking the GMAT daunting, but MIM is possible without it. Waiving the GMAT can be advantageous by showcasing other skills for admission. We explore the benefits of avoiding GMAT for MIM in Australia, skills needed without test scores, colleges offering MIM without GMAT, and key takeaways for Indian students to successfully pursue management master’s degrees in Australia without the GMAT hurdle

Top Colleges Offering MIM Without GMAT in Australia

1. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne offers a Master of Management program without the GMAT requirement. The program focuses on developing students’ leadership and management skills through a combination of coursework, industry engagement, and experiential learning. The university of Melbourne MIM program considers factors such as academic performance, work experience, personal statements, and interviews for admission.

Course   MIM  
Course Duration  18 Months  
Course Fees   AUD 71,372 
Average Salary  AUD 75000 



2. Monash University

Monash University’s Monash Business School offers a Master in Management not requiring GMAT scores. Admission emphasises academics, work experience and other criteria instead. The MIM curriculum equips students with essential management skills and knowledge through core courses, electives, and real-world projects. By waiving GMAT requirements, Monash focuses on applicants’ demonstrated drive and potential to succeed in its robust management program.

Course   MIM  
Course Duration  1 – 2 years 
Course Fees   AUD 53,000 
Average Salary  $89,000 


3. University of Queensland

The University of Queensland’s GMAT-free MIM program provides a solid foundation in business management and leadership. Applicants are evaluated holistically, considering academic record, work experience, statements, and references. The curriculum integrates theory and application for a well-rounded education, equipping graduates with essential business skills.

Course   MIM  
Course Duration  1 – 2 years 
Course Fees   46,027 AUD 
Average Salary  AUD 85,000 per year. 


4. Macquarie University

Macquarie Graduate School of Management’s GMAT-optional MIM builds analytical thinking, leadership, and global business expertise. Evaluated holistically on academics, experience, statements and interviews, students tailor studies through specializations aligning with interests and goals. The program cultivates critical skills for career success.

Course   MIM  
Course Duration  12-24 Months 
Course Fees   AUD 43,200 
Average Salary  AUD 100,000 



5. University of Sydney

The University of Sydney Business School’s MIM provides comprehensive business management training. This full/part-time 2-year course equips students with essential skills for success in today’s competitive, rapidly evolving business landscape. The renowned program cultivates expertise for thriving in dynamic management roles.

Course   MIM  
Course Duration  15 months 
Course Fees   AUD $36,000 
Average Salary  AUD$85,000 


In summary, Australia’s top MIM programs without GMAT requirements open doors for aspiring managers. Holistic admission processes focus on skills, potential and achievements – allowing students to shine. These esteemed programs cultivate global business expertise propelling careers. For ambitious management professionals, GMAT-optional Australian MIMs offer excellent career-advancing opportunities. 

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