Australia has made pursuing higher education in the country easy. With numerous scholarships available to study in Australia, international students can now achieve their dream of attending the leading universities in Australia. Monetary constraints have long prevented many international students from realizing their study abroad aspirations. But Australia’s generous scholarship options help tear down the financial barriers that once held back students’ academic dreams.

List Of MBA Scholarship In Australia For International Students

Top Australian universities provide a robust list of fully funded MBA scholarships to International students, enabling students to pursue an MBA education affordably. These generous scholarships cover tuition and living expenses so students can focus on learning instead of budgets. 

Let’s explore the 5 leading scholarship options for international students looking to study an Australian MBA, along with key details: 

  • ANU MBA Scholarship 
  • 2022 Curtin International Scholarships – Merit Scholarship 
  • Melbourne Business School-MBA Scholarships  
  • Monash International Leadership Scholarship  
  • Adelaide MBA Scholarship

ANU MBA Scholarship

Course Supported   MBA  
University   Australian National University 
Eligibility Criteria   

  1. Should be an international student 
  2. Should be enrolled at a full-time or part-time MBA program at research school of management 


Tip  Covers a percentage (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) of the tuition fees for MBA study program 


2022 Curtin International Scholarships – Merit Scholarship


Course Supported   Undergraduate and postgraduate coursework (MBA (Advanced) program is included) 
University   Curtin University 
Eligibility Criteria 
  1. Should be an international student 
  2. Studying for the first time at Curtin University 
  3. Enrolled for a full time degree program 
Tip  25% off on first year tuition fee of up to 200 credit points 

Melbourne Business School-MBA Scholarships

Course Supported   Full-time MBA, Executive MBA, Senior Executive MBA 
University   Melbourne Business School (University of Melbourne) 
Eligibility Criteria   

  1. Should have valid GMAT or GRE score 
  2. Enrolled for a full-time MBA program at Melbourne Business School 


Tip       25% off on first year tuition fee of
     up  to 200 credit points 


Monash International Leadership Scholarship

Course Supported   Any undergraduate or postgraduate degree program from Monash University 
University   Monash University 
Eligibility Criteria   

  1. Should be an international student 
  2. Enrolled for a full-time degree program 
Tip       100% program fees paid and
     take part in any Monash
     university   events. 

Adelaide MBA Scholarship

Course Supported   MBA ( Doesn’t support online MBA program) 
University   University of Adelaide 


Eligibility Criteria 
  1. Proof of acceptance for this program 
  2. Students shouldn’t have two or more scholarships in hand 
  3. Should apply for the scholarship based on the study period a student requires to graduate from this program 
Tip       Covers only tuition fees 

Eligibility Criteria For Scholarships To Study In Australia

When applying for Australian scholarships as an Indian student, meeting eligibility criteria is crucial. As a competitive scholarship candidate, you must fulfill specific requirements to be selected for partial or fully-funded MBA awards. 

With high demand for a limited number of scholarships, you need to make your profile shine above other applicants. 

Review these common eligibility standards required for most Australian MBA scholarships to strengthen your chances: 

  • The applicant must be an international student 
  • The applicant must show excellent academic status and prove his or her capacity 
  • The applicant should be eligible to apply for an MBA degree 
  • The applicant should have experience in international business management 
  • A good GMAT or GRE score is also required 

Study in Australia

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