A UK Masters in Law (LLM) degree offers legal professionals advanced learning and specialization opportunities. With a robust legal framework and variety of programs, the UK provides Indian students an ideal destination to elevate their legal careers. Through scholarship options, students can access esteemed qualifications and expand their legal knowledge in growing areas like corporate and financial law.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements

When applying for an LLM in the UK, it’s vital you understand and meet the eligibility criteria, as requirements can vary between universities. At minimum, most schools will require an undergraduate law degree with strong marks, proof of English language proficiency, and supporting documents. 

  1. LLB with 65-75% scores or higher 
  2. English language test (IELTS/TOEFL) 
  3. Documents: 
  4. Application form 
  5. Academic transcripts 
  6. SOP 
  7. Recommendation letters 
  8. Any professional certificates 
  9. Some may need LSAT exam scores 
  10. Criteria differs across universities

Carefully review the qualifications for your desired programs. With an eligible background and complete application, you will be prepared to enrol in a top UK law college for your Master’s in Law. Start getting your documents in order early in the process.

Cost of Studying

Pursuing a Masters in Law (LLM) in the UK involves substantial financial investment when factoring in all costs. Tuition fees alone range from an average of £19,500 to £44,000 annually depending on the chosen university. Additionally, living expenses in the UK typically fall between £1,215 to £1,715 monthly. This covers costs like accommodation, utilities, local travel, taxes, insurance, and other incidentals. Students must also factor in pre-arrival costs such as student visa fees, university application fees, and any entrance exams required. 

  1. Tuition fees (avg. £19,500 – £44,000 yearly)
  2. Living expenses (£1,215 – £1,715 monthly) 
  3. Accommodation 
  4. Utilities 
  5. Travel 
  6. Taxes 
  7. Insurance 
  8. Pre-arrival costs 
  9. Visa fees 
  10. Application fees 
  11. Exam fees

Top Universities for LLM in the UK

Here are some of the top UK universities offering LLM degrees-

Name of College/University  Course Name   International Fees  QS World Rankings 
University of Cambridge  Master of Law (LLM)  £37,500  Oct 
University of Oxford  Magister Juris (MJur)  £41,480  Oct 
London School of Economics and Political Science   

LLM Master of Laws 


£34,128  Sept 
University College London  Master of Laws LLM  £32,100  Sept 
University of Glasgow  Law LLM  £24,960  Sept 

Scholarships for International Students

Here are some LLM scholarships in the UK –

Scholarships  Name of the college/university 
Prathiba M Singh Cambridge Scholarship  The University of Cambridge 
Bosco Tso & Emily Ng Scholarship  King’s College London 
UCL Laws Academic Excellence Scholarships  University College London 
Tercentenary Awards for Excellence  University of Edinburgh 
School of Law International Postgraduate Scholarships  Queen Mary University of London 
Gates Cambridge Scholarship  University of Cambridge 
Oxford-Finnis Graduate Scholarship in Law  University of Oxford 



Upon completing a Master’s degree in Law in the UK, graduates can pursue careers as Barristers or Solicitors, or explore other opportunities. The average starting salary for LLM holders ranges from £20,000 – £25,000 GBP, with strong potential for increased compensation as one gains more legal experience. 

Indian students find it feasible to secure strong positions back home after obtaining their UK LLM, with salaries comparable to degrees from domestic institutions. The Bar Council of India recognizes around 35 UK law schools. Possible roles include: 

  1. Arbitrator 
  2. Paralegal 
  3. Lawyer 
  4. Legal Executive 
  5. Barrister
  6. Solicitor

With advanced qualifications from esteemed UK law programs, LLM graduates can command excellent compensation across law firms, corporations, and other legal institutions in India or abroad.

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